An attractive loan for business customers of the Bank up to NIS 150,000. See for details

Terms of a loan for the purchase of a new vehicle – Bank offers the business customer an attractive loan for the purchase of a new vehicle, the loan amount up to 150,000 NIS with the deployment of up to 60 monthly payments. The customer is required to present collateral at the discretion of the Bank. Interest will be determined at the time of the loan application at a Branch Hbnk.hlooah purchasing a new car on the site of Bank .

Loans to finance the purchase of new and used vehicles

Loans to finance the purchase of new and used vehicles

Bank offers a variety of loan tracks up to NIS 50,000.

Loan terms and financing solutions for the purchase of new and used vehicles – financing arrangements for customers of all banks for the purchase of a second hand vehicle, loans up to NIS 50,000 and up to 50 monthly payments, without interest and linkage. The terms of the loan vary according to the financing arrangements with the car companies. In addition, a loan can be obtained for trade-ins, a loan of up to NIS 50,000 without interest and linkage, and for installments up to 36 months. Loans and financing for the purchase of new and used vehicles must be made at the Bank website .

Loan with immediate approval

Quick loan at the touch of a button up to the amount of 120,000 NIS, for any purpose.
Loan terms with immediate approval – A quick loan to businesses, at the click of a button, up to NIS 120,000 at prime interest rate + 2.5% per annum, up to 60 monthly repayment payments. The loan can be obtained quickly through the bank’s call center. The loan is immediately approved on the Bank website.


A variety of loan tracks that are fully adapted to the needs of the business and for the purpose of financing current operations, taking advantage of business opportunities and financing foreign currency transactions.

Conditions of financing loans in accordance with the needs of the business – Bank offers a range of loan tracks and credit and financing solutions to its business customers. Each business customer can receive loans to finance business opportunities, bridge gaps in cash flow, finance current operations, expand business and invest in equipment, working capital needs, financing for foreign trade transactions and foreign currency transactions. Each loan is adjusted to the needs of the business conditions of the loan and the interest rate will be determined during the consultation sessions branch Hbnk.ftronot site business customers a credit of Bank .

The team of experts at the Help Center for Business will help you to obtain a loan easily and under favorable conditions. Now leave details on the site and we’ll get back to you with an attractive offer.