Business loan for microentrepreneurs with small capital

Entrepreneurial Microbusiness (SM) is the modality of financing directed to small businesses. The ME uses its own methodology and is appropriate to the profile and needs of micro and small enterprises. Microbusiness enables, with the necessary initial capital, business opportunities in lower income social strata. The Microbusiness Entrepreneur observes the following characteristics and conditions: It is focused on financing the […]

Financing loans adapted to the needs of the business

An attractive loan for business customers of the Bank up to NIS 150,000. See for details Terms of a loan for the purchase of a new vehicle – Bank offers the business customer an attractive loan for the purchase of a new vehicle, the loan amount up to 150,000 NIS with the deployment of up to 60 monthly payments. […]

Loan crunch: the loan crunch on loans and financing

The loan crunch is a very serious phenomenon for the economy, which cuts access to loans and financing for families and businesses. This is one of the main consequences of the 2008 financial crisis, born in the banking sector and then expanding in all other fields of the economy. Italy has suffered more than other countries from these financial dynamics […]

Last Minute Loans: how do they work? Get a loan in 48 hours

It can happen, for various reasons, to be in the position of having to request last minute loans to get liquidity immediately. Whether it’s organizing a trip, paying the university or simply renovating the house, last minute loans are a very useful and advantageous solution for several reasons. Personal loans are in fact available at subsidized interest rates , last […]

How to get loans without guarantees and without pay

Loans without guarantees are very difficult to obtain, because the bank needs to be sure of the solvency of the users to whom it grants a loan. When a credit institution provides a loan, in fact, it exposes itself to the risk that the applicant is not able to repay the loaned capital, within the time established by the contract […]